Sparkling White Zero Alcol
White zero alcohol - Schenk Italia

An explosion of freshness and harmony in every glass. Sparkling wines ideal for memorable toasts, refined aperitifs, and to accompany light dishes. A touch of elegance and a unique taste to make every moment special.



A line of sparkling wines that celebrates pleasure in every shade. From fine and persistent bubbles to fruity and floral aromas, each glass is an explosion of freshness and harmony. Perfect for memorable toasts and to accompany refined aperitifs or fresh and delicate dishes. Rivani wines are a true palate party, an elegant touch that makes every moment special.

Recommended temp.
4 °C
Varietà di uva bianca della zona mediterranea.

Perfect to serve as an aperitif, and even to accompany all kinds of fish and seafood.

Sushi abbinato al Bianco - Schenk Italia
Carne bianca abbinata al Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC - Schenk Italia
Pesce abbinato al Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC - Schenk Italia
01 Vinification

We select the best Mediterranean white grapes, macerate them at 14°C and ferment them with selected yeasts at 16°C. Secondary fermentation is in isobaric tank carrying out the Charmat-short method, under temperature control at 16°C until reaching a maximum of 4 to 5 bar. We then carry out the dealcoholisation of the wine with the spinning cones method. This method is the most respectful to the wine, maintaining all the original aromas and structure. Wine suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

02 Description

Bright yellow with green highlights. Very fruity, reminiscent of tropical fruit such as passion fruit and Mediterranean citrus fruit tones. Refreshing, flavorsome and young. In the mouth, the gas appears as if it were cream, recalling aromas of fruit combined with a slightly sweet but fresh flavor.