Grappoli di uva bianca - Schenk Italia


( Territories to protect, enhance, and respect )


Guided by the soil: How the art of agronomy speaks to nature.

In the heart of the countryside, a team of the family’s agronomists oversees every step that takes place on the land. Each operation is the result of thorough analysis, with a keen focus on the harmony between the vine and the surrounding environment – soil, air, water. For us, it’s not just a way of working, but a philosophy that concerns the territory and biodiversity and is based on genuine respect. In the organic lines we produce, these attentions are elevated to the highest level: like in a symphony where each note is perfectly harmonized with the landscape that listens to it.

Colline - Schenk Italia

A sustainable journey that extends all the way into our cellars.

Every corner of the cellars reflects our commitment to a more responsible future. LED lights illuminate the path towards eco-friendly production, while sophisticated cooling systems protect the precious contents of our bottles with a careful eye on the environment. The choice to exclusively use FSC-certified cardboard is a testament to our deep respect for nature’s resources. By collaborating with RafCycle, we transform label waste into an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and promote a more circular approach to production. Every lighter bottle is a step towards more efficient logistics and reduced environmental impact along the entire distribution chain.

Imbottigliamento vino - Schenk Italia

All the way to the people: our commitment to well-being in the company.

We want our employees to thrive. At Schenk Italia, we are committed to promoting a work environment that inspires and encourages personal and professional growth. But we don’t stop there: with initiatives aimed at recognizing the value of our collaborators, we invest various resources in social sustainability. Through additional financial rewards and incentives based on achieving internal objectives, we aim to celebrate their dedication and contribution to the company’s success. Additionally, we are proud to offer scholarships to the children of our employees who excel academically.

Sostenibilità sociale - Schenk Italia