Vigneti - Schenk Italia

Masso Antico

(Unveiling the best of Apulian heat)

01 Where it originates

In the heel of Italy, these vineyards are mostly located in flat areas and are exposed to a cool sea breeze that provides relief from the very hot summer temperatures.

02 Vineyards

The cellar processing stages are the final expression of our winemakers’ respect for Apulian tradition. Tenute Masso Antico produces red, white, and organic wines with a contemporary character, the result of years of research and love for the land and this craft.

03 Unique for

In this area, some grapes are cultivated using the ‘Alberello’ method, which has ancient origins. This method was developed to counter the very hot climate and lack of water, representing a significant part of Puglia’s cultural and oenological heritage.