Veduta vigneti Cantine di Ora -  Schenk Italia

Cantine di Ora

(Refined and elegant wines)

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01 Where it originates

The alpine microclimate, tempered by the Mediterranean influence, and the dolomitic, calcareous, and clayey soils create the ideal conditions in Alto Adige for the production of excellent wines characterized by unique minerality, structure, and aromas that stand out worldwide.

02 Vineyards

The vineyards of Alto Adige, embraced by the Dolomites, yield unique wines thanks to the alpine climate and mineral-rich soils. The combination of altitude and sustainable practices imparts freshness and complexity, crafting aromatic white wines and enveloping reds. Alto Adige embodies oenological excellence, where tradition, nature, and expertise converge in every sip.

03 Unique for

Cantine di Ora blends passion and tradition, creating a unique experience. Its history intertwines with the beauty of the Dolomites and meticulous attention to detail. The vineyards, cultivated with environmental respect, impart personality to indigenous varieties. Each bottle is a journey through the culture and nature of Alto Adige, merging local winemaking tradition with a sustainable and authentic approach. A brand that goes beyond wine, telling stories of the land, commitment, and authenticity.