Tenuta Bacio della Luna 2/2- Schenk Italia

Bacio della Luna

(The memorability of a kiss)

01 Where it originates

Thanks to the downstream sliding of the Dolomite glaciers, the deep clayey soils rich in sediment have been dedicated to the production of these special wines, the result of excellence and territorial identity. A unique territory in the world where, for over three centuries, a precious craftsmanship has been preserved.

02 Vineyards

Thirty-nine hectares are home to a semi-aromatic white grape variety, a lover of the humid and sunny hills but avoiding stagnant water: it’s the Glera, the prince of the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, deeply connected to these lands.

03 Unique For

Every star has its audience. Bacio della Luna has a circle of admirers earned through its intensity, freshness, and the elegant shapes of its bottles. Sommeliers and wine experts unanimously recognize excellent quality and identity throughout the collection.