Pinot Grigio Provincia di Pavia IGT Low Alcohol

From the Veronese land come Amicale wines: an ode to the flavors and aromas of an ancient land. A high-end production that conquers international palates, where each glass tells a unique story.


The art of Veronese viticulture is sublimated in Amicale wines. An ancient story passed down through generations, giving rise to wines of the highest quality. Intense bodies and complex aromas merge into a unique sensory experience, capable of captivating the most discerning palates. An excellence that celebrates wine culture and the passion of a land rich in charm.

Recommended temp.
14-16 °C
Pinot Grigio

A versatile wine, suitable for various appetizers. It pairs well with light first courses like rice salads or vegetable pasta and with main courses featuring white meat or fish cooked in a stew.

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01 Vinification

Harvest takes place towards the end of August, slightly earlier to maintain a not overly high sugar level. After pressing, fermentation occurs at 15 degrees Celsius, followed by aging on the lees with frequent batonnage.

02 Description

Straw-yellow color; on the nose, there are floral notes reminiscent of Turkish rose petals and fruity hints of pear and peach with subtle citrus undertones. On the palate, its liveliness stands out, thanks to the acidic vein that cleanses the palate and concludes the sip with a breath of freshness.