(Casali del Barone)
Gavi - Schenk Italia
Casali del Barone

Among the Piedmontese hills, a realm of flavors: Casali del Barone. Wines that tell the story of an ancient land, with warm and intense aftertastes that evoke a unique heritage. A sensory experience to be enjoyed with every sip.


The essence of Piedmont in a glass. From Langhe to Monferrato, fine grapes become wines of unparalleled harmony. Warm scents and persistent flavors narrate the soul of a millennia-old land. The expertise of winemakers creates wines of the highest quality, authentic expressions of the territory.

Recommended temp.
8-10 °C

Ideal for pairing with seafood, it reaches its zenith when served alongside grilled fish, crustaceans, and oysters

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01 Vinification

The Gavi DOCG Casali del Barone is a distinctive wine crafted from Cortese grapes in the Langhe region of Piemonte. It undergoes stainless steel fermentation with precise temperature control, resulting in a wine that is refreshingly immediate and rich in savory qualities. This meticulous process highlights the pure expression of the Cortese grapes, offering a vibrant and complex Gavi DOCG experience.

02 Description

In a region renowned for its red wines, the Gavi DOCG stands out as a stellar white, sourced from grapes cultivated in the hills of Southern Piedmont. Nestled not far from the coast, the soils are rich in marl and fossils, creating a magical blend that imparts pronounced mineral notes and pleasant hints of citrus and flowers to the wine.