(Tenute Masso Antico)
I Clasti Primitivo Susumaniello Salento IGT
I Clasti - Schenk Italia
Tenute Masso Antico

Masso Antico is the essence of Salento in a glass. Fine wines born from withered grapes and crafted with passion, following ancient Apulian tradition. A unique sensory experience that celebrates the land.



In the heart of Salento, Masso Antico preserves the tradition of Apulian winemaking. The Alberello Pugliese, an ancient cultivation method, yields excellent quality grapes that are withered on the vine and refined in barrels. Passionate winemakers reinterpret history into eclectic wines, capable of expressing the colors and flavors of this generous land.

Recommended temp.
16-18 °C
Primitivo, Susumaniello
Vintage of wine:
WineHunter Award 2023
Gambero Rosso 2024
2 Bicchieri Neri

Ideal with first dishes, grilled meat and aged cheese.

Formaggi - Schenk Italia
Zuppa di funghi - Schenk Italia
Carne servita con Lagrein Alto Adige DOC - Schenk Italia
01 Vinification

I Clasti from Tenute Masso Antico is the result of careful cultivation in the vineyard, carried out following the principles of traditional farming and with manual grape harvesting. The soil, characterized by clastic fragments, imparts an authenticity to the wines linked to the territory. This combination of elements is reflected in the sensory characteristics of the wines, creating an inseparable connection between the product and the place from which it originates. On the palate, its full-bodied structure harmoniously melds, creating a complete and satisfying sensory experience. Additionally, this exceptional wine undergoes a aging process, as it is patiently matured for 12 months in tonneaux.

02 Description

Dark red color with purple hints. Complex bouquet with red fruits aroma and spicy notes. In the mouth, it is warm and intense.