Müller Thurgau Brut
Muller Thurgau- Schenk Italia

An explosion of freshness and harmony in every glass. Sparkling wines ideal for memorable toasts, refined aperitifs, and to accompany light dishes. A touch of elegance and a unique taste to make every moment special.



A line of sparkling wines that celebrates pleasure in every shade. From fine and persistent bubbles to fruity and floral aromas, each glass is an explosion of freshness and harmony. Perfect for memorable toasts and to accompany refined aperitifs or fresh and delicate dishes. Rivani wines are a true palate party, an elegant touch that makes every moment special.

Recommended temp.
8-10 °C
Müller Thurgau

Perfect for light starters or delicate first courses, and fish.

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01 Vinification

The making of Müller Thurgau Brut is based on white winemaking process and grapes are softly pressed to obtain the must. Fermentation transforms sugar in alcohol and other substances, which are essential to enrich the aromas and the structure of the wine, thanks to the action of selected yeasts. It takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks between 16°C and 18°C. When fermentation comes to the end, it follows the Charmat sparkling winemaking process.

02 Description

Straw yellow color with greenish hints. Delicate and characteristic bouquet. In the mouth, it tastes dry with a pleasant bitter finish.