(Bacio della Luna)
Metodo Classico Brut
Metodo Classico Brut - Schenk Italia
Bacio della Luna

Bacio della Luna: 25 hectares of excellence amidst the Prosecco Hills, a UNESCO heritage site.

Sustainable cultivation, meticulous care, and attention to every detail for exclusive wines.

In the undulating Prosecco hills, a UNESCO heritage site, lies the Bacio della Luna winery. 25 hectares of vineyards cultivated with love and respect for nature, where every phase is carefully attended to give life to unique wines. Delicacy and intensity, glamour and freshness blend into a sensory experience that is found on the palate, in the glass, and in the elegant bottles.

Recommended temp.
8-10 °C
Vintage of wine:
IWSC 2023
IWC 2023
Decanter 2023

Excellent as an aperitif, perfect for many occasions. Ideal to accompany fresh fish, poultry and salads.

Gamberi abbinati ai vini Bacio della Luna - Schenk Italia
Formaggio abbinato ai vini Bacio della Luna - Schenk Italia
Calice di vino bianco - Schenk Italia
01 Base of the Wine

The base wine is a cuvée exclusively obtained from Chardonnay grapes harvested in the Adige valley, the ideal area of this Italian excellence for both environment and climate.

The perfect acidity of our Classic Method comes from the vineyards located at the valley floor. Minerality and sapidity are the result of the micro terroirs located at medium altitude and composed by dolomitic and volcanic sediments

02 Refermentation

The addition of the “liqueur de tirage” takes place during the bottling phase, and then follows a slow fermentation of approximately 45 days, during which the bottles reach a pressure of about 6 atmospheres.

In the following 12 months of aging the yeasts, now exhausted, release mannoproteins that give structure to the product and fragrant and typical notes of bread crust.

03 Aging

In our main cellar Cantine di Ora we have created dedicated cells below the ground level for the refinement, where the product rests horizontally, in the dark, and at a constant temperature of 15°C.

The perlage of the Classic Method, appreciated by every connoisseur, is obtained at the end of the refinement process.

04 Remuage

The “remuage” is an essential phase of the classic method. The bottles that have rested horizontally during the refinement, are gradually brought to a vertical position by a rotational movement.

Thanks to the “remuage” the sediments, mainly yeasts, are collected in the neck of the bottle and the crown cap. They will then be removed during the “dégorgement”.

05 Degorgement à La Glace

In the first phase of the disgorgement the neck of the bottle is frozen and the sediment remains trapped in the ice. Thanks to the pressure reached in the bottle, the frozen portion will be ejected by the bottle leaving room for the addition of the “liqueur d’expédition”, the true secret of every “maison”.

Once the bottle has been sealed with a mushroom-shaped cork and a cage, the labelling and packaging phases are completed.

A few more weeks in the bottle to reach the perfect balance and our Classic Method is finally ready to be tasted.

Bacio della Luna Classic Method is characterized by its bright yellow color with golden reflections, fresh and typical notes of white fruits and a fine and persistent perlage.