Schenk Italian Wineries closes 2020 with a turnover +4% compared to the previous year.

In spite of the complexity and difficulties of a year marked by economic and social crisis, Schenk Italian Wineries closes on a positive note and plans for the future with a view to production, environmental and social sustainability.

Ora (BZ), December 10th, 2020“This 2020 has been a very complex year that, despite the difficulties, we estimate to close positively. The choices and investments made have gone in the right direction and this is demonstrated by the numbers that show a plus sign both in terms of sales and turnover. Our strength is that of having a multi-channel distribution network. Having increased our presence in the large-scale retail trade has enabled us to offset the losses that, especially with the first lockdown, occurred in the Horeca sector. A sector that, however, when it restarted, recorded a great surge, allowing us, already in October, to almost recover the values reached in 2019. Moreover, we have never stopped investing both in production, with the launch of Bacio della Luna Prosecco DOC Rosé millesimato Extry Dry, and in communication, with a very substantial media planning budget between Italy and abroad. Finally, we are very satisfied with the new e-commerce Vineria43, born from a partnership with very appreciated Italian producers, which, only a month and a half after its launch, is showing really exciting numbers”.

These are the words of Daniele Simoni, CEO of Schenk Italian Wineries, as he photographs the reality of this 2020 that, despite the difficulties of the sector, closes with a plus sign for the well-established company of Ora (BZ). With a production of 51 million bottles and a consolidated turnover of the Group estimated at 115 million euros (+4% on 2019), Schenk Italian Wineries confirms itself among the most significant and solid winemaking realities in Italy. Numerous investments in 2020 that have focused on sustainability, production facilities and communication.

“Environmental sustainability has been one of the 2020 pillars – explains Simoni. We are completing Equalitas certification in all wineries, APE (Attestato prestazione energetica) certification for Bacio della Luna winery in Vidor (TV) and we started the ambitious process of conversion to organic of all vineyards of Lunadoro winery, in Montepulciano (SI). Also in terms of production efficiency, the direction is towards innovation and green: we are now completing the change of the production lines in view of 4.0, which will lead to significant energy savings as well as more performing results. Between 2021 and 2022 we will do the same in the Bacio della Luna winery”.

Sustainability is not only economic and environmental, but also social for Schenk Italian Wineries that is continuing to pursue and increase all welfare initiatives for employees, from production-related bonuses to those dedicated to parents for children who have good school results, up to contributions for nursery school fees. Great attention is also paid to smartworking, of which the company is evaluating the integration, in an organized way, also for the future.

“We are looking optimistically to 2021. There will be many novelties in terms of products, with a new Campania line and the launch of Bacio della Luna metodo classico in the very year in which the winery will celebrate its first 10 years. Our goal is to continue growing and to consolidate the positioning of our brands in Italy and in the world. For this reason – concludes Simoni – we are already planning, for the second half of 2021, some events capable of being a touristic driving force for Italy, including Vinitaly. We want to imagine next year as a rebirth. We believe that when this sad moment will end, people will have even more desire to travel, to meet and enjoy good wine and good food in company. We will be by their side”.